Sunday, July 26, 2009

What is Sin?

Today’s random thought was randomly thought. I came up with the idea talking to one of my buddies. What is the ultimate sin? Is it a combination of many things all sewn together in a never-ending web of treachery; or is it possible that our sins are all just imaginations of the mind? If so what is the levels of sin?
In my own personal opinion (not saying it’s correct, just mine) sin is defined by the malicious intent behind it, and the severity of the person effected. I believe that the “sin” is made up to discourage such actions from taking place, though someone may not have thought this through completely. For now we have the rebellious people who do it just in the hopes that “hell” might exist. It’s a misconception to believe that because saying something is a sin, makes it one. Depending on a set of beliefs it could be completely reversed. For some religions it could be a blessing, or a curse.
So who does it rest upon to call something a sin? Is it “god” a supreme being who has let his own creation fall to the depths of despair and forward? Or possibly the priests who have been touched by god, or other beings? I think it rests in the eye of the beholder, what significance they force into it, what meaning it has for them.
Now what level systems could be a possibility? Well that is not an easy question; even through religious texts it is not clearly specified. Yes they say you may burn an eternity in hell, or may suffer as in Greek myths. The level systems there may be none, the repentance maybe.
Imagination? Well isn’t that just for you to decide. You can believe what you would like, hell could be a child’s playground for some and a nightmare for others, and it’s all in our head as an aspect of the grand scheme. To make humanity “faultless” and “vice less". Impossible.
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