Sunday, July 26, 2009

bad ideas

Today’s random thought came from spending two nights in a row with; let’s face it less than sane people. We stayed up the whole night playing zombie games and drinking energy drinks. Now this random thought came to my head this morning, what causes my nightmares?

I was thinking about dreams and well, I had the best idea drink venom before I go to bed. Worst idea ever, it gives you nightmares or so I believe. It may have been a combination of the zombie slaying and the hordes of food I had been stuffing into my mouth and screamo music wailing in my ear. Granted it had been a good 20 hours since I had, had any sort of sleep; but that’s completely irrelevant.

Here are some criteria for crazy weird dreams, a: people you know mysteriously have red hair, and there is a chick whit black and purple hair who loathes you; or b: you’re running around and find weird people you’ve never met before. O wait that’s reality isn’t it? I guess there isn’t much difference now-a-days . People can technically fly, and some can lick their flipping elbows. The world is just weird.

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tony said...

Sounds like a typical ordinary night here in Yorkshire!