Friday, July 24, 2009

The Introduction

From the beginning of the beginning I'm sure there was always the odd one out. From the time of the dinosaurs, to the “freaks” in society there will always be a place for dweebs and weirdos in the community. That’s where I come in, the odd-ball, the cheese loving teen that just can’t get enough. Now some may think that there is not enough space enough room to grow into an individual, well I hate to tell you that you’re completely wrong. Cause without us odd people the world would be very boring.

The aspects of me that must be noted, I change topic mid-sentence depending on my mood. I speak my mind, whether it’s good for me or not (mostly it being not). My mother can attest to that, same can be said about anyone who has ever met me. Some of my thoughts are fairly disturbing, so if I randomly start talking about waffles or how long I can stand on my pinky finger (which I might add, is not very long and is excruciatingly painful). I am a poet, though mediocre I may be.

I have very weird opinions about, life, love, and happiness most of them being mixtures of every flippin thing know to man. i am also warning you, that I can burst out into a rant very quickly. Just as my mother is fluent in sarcasm, I have been known to supply a few sarcastic comments.

This was just and introduction, and to you I say hello, my name is stephie and I am the most awesomest turtle of them all!

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